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If you would like to join the band, please fill out the form below for more information. We will contact our directors and section leaders to see if we have available space and get back to you.

Please include:

  • What instrument(s) you play
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2020-2021 Schedule

*We will update this list as more information about COVID-19 guidelines are released and a set schedule is developed.


Rehearsals are held 7:30pm Monday nights at the Westerville Central High School band room unless one of the following occurs.

*Rehearsals are canceled until further notice.

  • Monday after a concert, unless otherwise announced.
  • Westerville City School District cancels classes due to weather. NOTE: Westerville Schools may cancel classes but still have "afternoon" activities. We will meet if we can get in the band room. We will endeavor to have a note on the web site in this case.
  • Westerville City Schools are closed for a Holiday
  • Holiday and/or summer break (check schedule)

If you are going to miss a rehearsal, please notify someone in your section -- preferably the section leader. If you have a folder that is also used by another member, please make arrangements for the folder to be at practice.

Concert Dress


Black dress pants, black socks, dark shoes (dark brown or black); black dress jacket/sports coat, white dress shirt, black BOW tie.

Red bow ties are worn for the Holiday concert.


Black dress; black skirt (must be below the knee); black pants, black blouse (no light colored blouses); black nylons or black socks, black shoes. No color accents, please, on your clothing (ie., color fringe or hem stitching, appliques etc.).

Holiday scarf/jewelry may be worn for the holiday concert.

Summer Uniform

Our Summer Uniform consists of tan khaki pants, red Westerville Community Bands polo shirt and dark shoes. Women are welcome to wear tan khaki skirts (must cover your knees when you sit) if they wish.

No shorts!

The red Summer Uniform shirts are $30 and can be purchased at rehearsals from Cheryl Briggs in the flute section. The shirts include the Westerville Community Bands logo embroidered on the front.